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Pahare de sticla si carafe

Producător: Blue Collection
On hot days, the unique FRUTTO jug allows you to prepare your favourite lemonade with ice cubes. The built-in fruit/ice infuser prevents accidental falling of ice cubes into the glass when pouring the beverage. Jug with a capacity of 2500 ml...
57,65 lei + TVA
Producător: Authentic
5-piece recycled glass set featuring one 2.3 litres jar and four 430 ml cups. Made from 5 glass bottles. Recycled glass is manufactured using less energy, raw material, and additives, than what is required for making traditional glass...
37,86 lei + TVA
Producător: Avenue
Made of ceramic with a beautiful matte finish the carafe is ideal for serving cool refreshing beverages. Volume capacity is 1.3 litre...
77,10 lei + TVA
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